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Is this the future of HiFi Audio and Home Cinema?

Welcome. You have arrived on the website of the Plato Home Entertainment system and the unique ‘Red Dot Recording’ Service, amongst other fantastic hifi audio and home cinema products and services.

Here in the pioneering (and very British) world of Convert Technologies you’ll find solutions for converting your favourite vinyl records into digital formats like MP3 and FLAC with a turntable, multiroom streaming, easy internet radio listening, and various convenient ways to download albums in high resolution.

Our award-winning hifi audio and home entertainment system Plato, was launched in 2015. A wireless video or music server, streaming & download system, Class A amplifier or Class B amplifier, media management system, including arguably the best DAC (Digital Analogue Converter) available for vinyl recording, our Plato systems are an elite all-in-one-box hifi audio and home cinema solution.

Convert is the UK Distributor for Avantgarde Loudspeakers

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Convert is now the official UK partner for the famous German loudspeaker manufacturer, Avantgarde. Avantgarde’s distinctive ‘horn’ systems are renowned over the world for their incredible quality, but at an ‘obtainable’ price. Just like Convert, they have managed to combine high technology in hardware and software with a flair for style, demonstrated by their huge collection of awards. The range includes active, passive and semi-active loudspeakers, along with bass units. Available in a range of finishes and colours, the Avantgarde name is synonymous with pure class.

Avantgarde loud speakers will only be available through carefully selected Convert partners here in the UK.

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