Made in Britain

All Convert products, including their components, are manufactured in the UK. The pioneering software found within each product is developed and supported entirely in-house, with some of the finest minds in the UK continually working to create and develop the latest pioneering technology.  Convert’s head office is located the heart of Derby, whilst our research and development facilities are situated in the countryside of Newbury, Berkshire.

Derby Office

Martin Boddy

Martin Boddy

Managing Director

Hi! I’m Martin, and I am the Managing Director and one of the founders of Convert Technologies. My main role here is to chart the strategic direction and positioning of the company as we continue to develop and grow into being one of the leaders and innovators in the home entertainment market. I believe in fostering an environment where we get the best out of every individual employee, and Convert Technologies is a place where people enjoy coming to work and aspire to great things. Combined with listening to our customers’ needs and requirements and implementing these through the use of latest technology, we will secure an exciting future!

Ian Grostate

Ian Grostate

Commercial Director

Hi! I’m Ian, and I perform the role of Commercial Director, and have been involved since early 2014. I manage the UK sales team and investigate, qualify and appoint International Distributors of our Products and Services. We have built an excellent groundbreaking product, which we will continue to enhance and develop. Seeing and hearing is believing! I am also the resident Convert Technologies champion at Guess the Year, Artist and title track of singles in the 1980s  – rather a focused area I grant you, but very powerful when I do my own version of a “Gracenote look-up!”

Gaynor Booth

Finance Manager

Hi! I’m Gaynor, I am the Finance Manager and deal with all the accounts, looking after our Customers and Suppliers. Working closely with Bryan we manage the purchasing and expediting of components for the production of Plato. In my spare time I enjoy all sorts of music especially going to see live concerts of all sizes.

Pete Eason

Peter Eason

Customer Experience Manager

Hi! I’m Pete.

I joined Convert in Jan 2015 and I’m here to ensure all of our retailers, distributors and end users have a fantastic experience when engaging with us. Yes, my team provide technical product support but for us, it’s more about doing whatever it takes to make the relationship work for everyone.

I can also be found tagging along, in support of our UK & international sales efforts, as well as making endless cups of pretentious tea for colleagues who don’t know where the kitchen is. Once had a recording deal and gigged a lot but that slipped through my fingers and now they call me ‘Pop Star Pete’…which, owing to the aforementioned, doesn’t quite work!

In my spare time I can be found whipping up a chicken vinda, hanging out with my three sons and following my wife around the shops looking for somewhere to sit down.

Lewis Chisnall

National Sales Manager

Hi! I’m Lewis, and I manage the sales across the north of the UK. I joined the team in June 2016, and haven’t looked back since. You will find I’m easy to work with, laid back and willing to help in any way I possibly can. Outside of work you will most probably find out and about with my family or on the golf course!

Ryan Collins

North UK & Midlands Sales Manager

Hi! Im Ryan, I joined Convert in March 2016 as the Senior Product Support Specialist. I am here to provide training and all round support to our Reference and Premium partners here in the UK and also to our international distribution partners. A massive Michael Jackson fan, you may find me attempting the moonwalk in the office. I enjoy attending live concerts and have shall we say a “well varied” taste in music.

Louisa Boddy

Marketing Executive

Hello! I’m Louisa, and I joined Convert in August 2016 as a Marketing Executive. Whilst assisting in bringing down the office’s average age, I will also be neck-deep in research, events and whatever else comes my way.  In my not-so-spare time, I enjoy whacking people with hockey sticks.

Alan Jeffery

Mechanical Design Manager

Hi i’m Alan, the Mechanical Design Manager here at Convert, My job is to design how our product range looks in physical hardware and metal. I have over 30 years’ experience in design and manufacturing, specialising in innovative, cost effective design of electronics packaging. My experience covers a broad spectrum of markets including automotive, medical, communications, consumer and computer industries. I use the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) techniques to help design components and assemblies in metal and plastics. I live locally to the Derby office, am keen motorcyclist and I really enjoy mountain biking as a method of keeping fit and healthy.

Bryan Ross

Production Manager

Hello I am Bryan. I manage the Production team here at Convert and I have 40 years of industry experience and knowledge working within the manufacturing, engineering and service testing industry. I have undertaken some pivotal work within the telecommunications industry for Marconi Ericsson and Plessey. I attained HNC, ONC and OND qualifications in Electronics Engineering, Electronic communications and Telecomms. Therefore I have covered all of the facets of modern electronic testing and manufacturing. In my spare time I enjoy amongst other things, motor mechanics and motorcycling, as well as sampling the great local beers that are served near my home in Beeston, Nottingham, where I live with my partner and children.

David Mulenga

Mobile Software Engineer

Hello – I’m David, a Mobile Software Engineer who enjoys arm wrestling obscure bugs. I’ve been with this dynamic company since mid 2016. We never have a dull day here, as we continue to deliver the excellence that Plato customers have come to know and expect.

Aleksander Celewicz

Senior Technician

Hello! I’m Aleksander, and I’m a Senior Technician here at Convert. I joined the team back in July 2015, and have over 12 years’ experience servicing and repairing electronic equipment. My last place of work was Dixons KnowHow, working in the research and development team to fix electronics. I also helped find new repair solutions. Before that, I worked as part of family company that was providing internet connection and electronics services to over 300 customers.

If all this experience didn’t make me superb enough for Convert, working with electronics is also a big hobby of mine – I know a lot of its secrets!

When I’m not tinkering with electronics, I love a good action or sci-fi movie.

I’m also a professional pole dancer, a certified moon walker, and king of the golden dance floor in the year 2000 – but I didn’t tell you that.

Byron Drew

Production Assembly Technician

Hi I’m Byron and I joined the production team here at Convert back in October 2015, with over 15 years experience in electronics manufacture its my role to help build the impossible, bringing your Plato unit from bare PCB all the way to finished product.
I have a very varied taste in music that spans several genres and spend a lot of my spare time looking for new tracks to play on my internet radio show that I co-host with a friend, I am also a big movie fan and enjoy days out with my family.

Andrew Randall

Technical Director

Hi! I’m a Salford graduate, and an engineer with over 25 years of hardware and software development experience. Now I’m one of the minds behind the Plato design, and work as the Technical Director here at Convert. I’m also a proud family man from Berkshire where I live with my much loved family and pets.

Dave Belcher

Development Director

Hello, I’m Dave, Development Director and one of the founders of Convert Technologies. My main role is to ensure everything runs smoothly in all aspects of product development from conception and design, through to implementation and production. My background is in software, and I still like to get my hands dirty on the coding keyboard from time to time.

You may also see me at shows and press events enthusing about our products and generally showing off to anyone who will listen. I am passionate about just about all music ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Andy Maxim

Principal Software Engineer

Hi! I’m Andy, and I’m a Principal Software Engineer and joined Convert in January 2014. I have over 25 years of experience of embedded design covering many fields including telecommunications, mobile phones and storage. Here at Convert I work on the development of the Plato app.

Alastair Bryers

Software Director

Hi! I’m Alastair, and I lead the software development team and am one of the founders of Convert Technologies. As a Mathematics graduate and software engineer with over 25 years of experience, I enjoy developing algorithms, solving problems and making our products easy to use.

Ramon Haro Marques

Senior iOS Developer