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Red Dot Vinyl Recording

Do you have Vinyl that you’d like ‘ripping’ into a digital format? Does it need professionally cleaning and recording in a high resolution? If so, click below to find out how we can do it for you! A door-to-door service, we pride ourselves on taking your music collection as seriously as you do.

Red Dot CD Ripping

Do you have a CD collection you’d like ripping into digital files to use in your phone, MP3 player or car stereo? Do you want to declutter? Click below to find out how we can help you do all of it. CDs may be facing stiff resistance as a media format from vinyl, but it’s still worth looking after your CD collection properly.

Red Dot Backup

Would you like to be able to keep a stored copy of all of your music and movies somewhere safe from harm? Are you concerned about losing anything? Find out how to safeguard your collection by clicking below. Masters of ripping music, we can make sure that only the best quality digital imprints are returned to you.