CD Ripping – But quick, and easy!

Your music collection shouldn’t be sitting there collecting dust in the attic, or stuffed behind the sofa. You should be able to enjoy it wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Clunky CD ‘walkmans’ are relics of the past – we’re now in the digital audio age. It means you don’t have to carry CDs around with you, but you’ll need to convert that music quickly and easily into digital formats that your phone, car stereo, or even your new Plato system can manage and play. With many CDs becoming rarer than vinyl versions, high quality cd ripping is crucial.

We’re proud to present the best way to make this cd ripping happen – Red Dot Recording. With our all-encompassing service, we help you pack your collection, we then pick it up, clean it, record it, digitise it, and then deliver it back to you at home for you to enjoy. The newly created digital files are available in multiple formats as standard. This service is being rolled out regionally around Derby, with a view to being available nationally soon.

Where can you book RDR?

Here is a list of retailers who can book you a Red Dot Recording session. Simply contact the store, and ask about Red Dot Recording.

Get a call about RDR!

By filling in this request form, you can arrange for a reputable local Convert retailer to contact you and arrange your RDR booking over the phone.

CD ripping prices

  • We have a minimum order of 50 albums on CD.
  • All CDs are converted to master WAV files first.
  • You can then choose any additional format from a choice of FLAC or MP3 at no extra cost.

50-100 CDs: £1 per CD (+VAT)
101-250 CDs: £0.90 per CD (+VAT)
Over 250 CDs: £0.85 per CD (+VAT)
Over 500 CDs: £0.80 per CD (+VAT)