Digitise your Vinyl collection here!

Your vinyl collection is unique. It’s a reflection of you, the things you believe, your passions, and a cherished history of your memories pressed into vinyl record form. That’s why you want to look after it. Sometimes however, this is easier said than done – life has a habit of making things challenging. So if you’re thinking that you could do with converting your treasured collection into digital formats that are usable on most modern Hifi stereo systems or mobile devices, but you don’t know where to start or just don’t have time… RELAX. We have the solution.

Here at Convert, our Red Dot Recording solution does it for you. With our all-encompassing service, we help you pack your collection into flight cases. We then pick it up, clean it, record it, digitise it, and deliver it back to your home for you to enjoy. The newly created, high quality digital files are available in multiple formats as standard, and will free you from the tyranny of old media formats. This service is being rolled out regionally around Derby, with a view to being available nationally soon.

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Here is a list of retailers who sell Red Dot Recording sessions. Simply contact the store, and ask about Red Dot Recording.

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Vinyl Recording Prices For Albums

  • We have a minimum order of 25 albums – double albums count at two albums.
  • All albums recorded as master FLAC files first, using world’s most advanced vinyl recording solution, Plato.
  • You can then choose any two formats, of FLAC, WAV, or MP3.

25-50 albums: £10 per album (+VAT)
51-100 albums: £9 per album (+VAT)
101-200 albums: £8 per album (+VAT)
Over 200 albums: £7.50 per album (+VAT)
Over 500 albums: £7.00 per album (+VAT)
Over 1000 albums: £6.50 per album (+VAT)

Vinyl Recording Prices For Singles

  • We have a minimum order of 50 singles.
  • Both sides will be recorded.

Singles are priced at a flat rate of £2.50 per single (+VAT).