What can Convert stream?


plato video streaming


plato photo streaming


music streamer

 It’s all about sources and destinations

Convert products are designed as the ultimate streaming source for high-resolution audio and video anywhere. From a single control app, you can listen to all your music anywhere, anytime

Use the Convert ‘Plato’ app to pick a media source, then stream it to your chosen destination


Integrated TIDAL

Access thousands of high-resolution songs and music videos through your Tidal account. You can stream audio content to any compatible destination device, and even stream video to selective devices


Have millions of Spotify’s songs at your fingertips, and stream anywhere in your home. As with all Convert’s integrated streaming services, you can build, save and enjoy playlists from multiple sources


Enjoy Qobuz’ supreme streaming service and listen to lossless sound. With full Qobuz integration, you can enjoy a long list of comprehensive in-app features such as artist biographies and related music discovery


Store your entire audio, video and photo collection on Converts’ HDD (Hard Disk Drives) or SSD (Solid State Drives), and stream to your chosen destination. You can even increase your storage capacity by connecting a flash or NAS drive 


Use your home computer / media server as a NAS drive for your Convert system. With some easily available NAS server software, you can stream via Convert to any destination device. 

Listen to over 70,000 global radio stations

Listen to any radio station, anywhere on the planet. You can even search for tracks or artists currently being played, so you can find the stations playing a particular song or artist at that very moment


Connected Speakers


Use your Convert product as the ‘destination’ for your streaming, and send your favourite audio tracks through the directly connected loudspeakers. Even if you set up to route through an external phono stage or amplifier, you will get great sound

Wifi Speakers


Stream your music to specific devices, in specific rooms. Even better, you can have multiple streams going to multiple devices, all at the same time. The number of simultaneous streams from your Convert product is limited only by your network

Smart TVs


Most Smart TVs recognise an ‘incoming stream’ signal, and adapt automatically without you having to do a thing. Simply select the video content you wish to stream; select the Smart TV from the list of destinations on the network, and enjoy. If you have connected your TV to your Convert product via HDMI cable, you can route the audio through your high quality hifi speakers connected to your system, to create great video sound

Mobile Devices


Listen to your favourite tracks on headphones via your mobile device, or catch-up on a box set TV series via tablet in the garden. Simply select the content you want, find the mobile device with the Convert app installed, and enjoy. This means everyone on the network can enjoy audio and video media privately, without clashing