Convert products allow for seamless vinyl recording and CD ripping. With our unique, patent-pending software, you can record all your music into FLAC, with just a few taps of the Convert ‘Plato’ app

Record Vinyl

upnp app

Automatic Track Recognition

Convert products use the Gracenote API integration to listen to the first few seconds of the track, and return all of the artwork and track information to correctly label and file your music into the media library.

You don’t have to chop up the ‘quiet bits’ either – Convert’s ‘Plato’ app does all of that for you, even taking into account ‘musical pauses’ so that you’re not cutting tracks halfway through

Custom Recording Settings

Convert’s Vinyl Recording software provides intuitive, advanced settings for those looking to fine tune their collection to their exact requirements

Applies a volume offset to this port, allows you to balance volume levels across all the ports, adjusting for devices with differing output levels

Adjusts left and right speaker balance for this port

Applies a digital delay to the audio signal for lip syncing with external audio processors

Can be Enabled or Disabled

To select for the type of cartridge you use

Fixed at 47kR for Moving Magnet sources, but selectable as 100R/200R for Moving Coil sources

Selectable as 100pf/200pF for Moving Magnet and Moving Coil sources

Applies a 14Hz cut-off frequency filter to reduce cone flap caused by warped records

Set to Enabled to activate recording whenever this source is selected. Leaving this set to Disabled means recording must be started using the media controls on the Now Playing screen

Set the digital bit depth to 16/24 bits for all recordings on this source. 24 bit recordings will give the best quality for analogue sources, but will also result in larger audio files

Select the required digital sampling rate for all recordings on this source. A higher sampling rate will give the best quality, but will also result in larger audio files

This can be set higher or lower to avoid signal ‘clipping’ creating a complete and high quality recording of your vinyl

record vinyl

CD Ripper

cd ripping app

Convert recommends using the LG Ultra Portable DVD-RW  for CD ripping, which comes with certain products. Simply connect your external DVD drive for quickly, easy CD ripping

Multiple File Formats

You can choose the format of the files you rip

FLAC (16 Bit)

WAV (16 Bit PCM

AAC (320 KBPS)

MP3 (320 KBPS)

Automatic Track Recognition

Using MusicBrainz API integration, Convert’s Plato app automatically recognises tracks, and fetches the relevant information from the internet – this includes album artwork, track names, track listings and more. It then tags the files appropriately, and files them neatly in the media library for you to enjoy