Time well spent…

…is time spent with Tempus!

Making home entertainment simple and easy is one thing. Making it better and more beautiful, is entirely another. This is the story of Tempus.

Our design team took the idea of our Class A system, and asked themselves: How do we take this ALL the way to the top? The Tempus SmartHome entertainment system is the answer to that question. With consistently upgraded components, wholly re-imagined coolant systems, and a definitively higher level of operation, the Tempus is the final word in one-box solutions for an integrated AV system. As the iconic figurehead of the ‘Powered by Plato’ range, it benefits hugely from our market-leading UPnP control software Plato.

Tempus is the option that true connoiseurs go for. Everything about this system calls for leading edge audiovisual performance – but tempered with style and a restrained confidence that Tempus ‘belongs’ in the home or business of a connoiseur. The beautiful polished wood veneer or coloured carbon fibre finishes mean that your customised statement will always be just that – a very personal statement of your commitment to home entertainment.

What is different about Tempus?

Tempus Class A Amplification:

The amplification system Tempus uses contains our patent-pending adaptive biasing technology to achieve incredible power efficiency and delivery. During production, Tempus amplifier transistors are ‘characterised’ to fine-tune and improve the accuracy of the dynamic bias within the amplifier. In conjunction with the adaptive bias software, this allows the amplifier to achieve very efficient Class-A operation. The signal path in the Tempus power amplifier is DC coupled to remove coupling capacitor distortions. The amplification system also contains several component material upgrades required to maintain the ‘precise’ output desired, especially when working with the enhanced power supply module developed specially for Tempus.

Tempus Power Supply:

The completely new power suppy module is one of the key components custom designed to work with the Tempus system.

  • The transformer has been upgraded from the original Plato-Class A specification to a dual voltage 250VA design.
  • It is an auto-ranging power supply operating from 115V to 230V, meaning it can operate in the U.S.A, EU and other locales without adjustment.
  • The PSU provides separated digital and analogue power supplies ensuring there is no possibility of injecting digital noise into the analogue supply.
  • The addition of an electrostatic screen filter, and transformer GOSS band ensures unwanted noise is filtered out before it can enter the Plato electrical system.
  • The dual-mode power system includes both a linear power supply and also a switched mode supply. When Tempus is playing or recording audio, the supply operates in Linear mode with the switch mode disabled and completely removed from the circuit.  (Combined with the electrostatic screen filter and GOSS band, unwanted noise is removed and filtered out before it can enter the system.) When in a low power state without using the amplifier, the system then enters the ‘switched’ power mode, meaning Tempus can operate in a low-power efficient mode as a file server and streaming system.
  • The power supply, along with the amplification, are a ‘dual mono design’. Separate rectifiers and smoothing capacitor banks are deployed in parallel for each channel within Tempus. This has reduced the impedance within the system, and improved current delivery from the power supply.

Tempus Pre-Amplifier and DAC:

The Tempus Pre-amplifier and audio DSP have been upgraded from the original Plato-Class A specification. Featuring a new 64-Bit digital audio engine, the pre-amp has access to four 1GHz DSP cores when required to really pack a digital punch. The signal path from the DAC to speaker output connectors is DC coupled. This removes minute amounts of distortion due to coupling capacitors. The Pre-Amp also has significant component upgrades to further increase the signal to noise ratio, as well as increase the dynamic range of the ESS Sabre DAC. ‘Delicate’ is the word best used to describe the sound that Tempus can provide.

Tempus Cooling Systems:

With a new custom heatsink extrusion providing a greater cooling surface, larger heatpipes ensuring better thermal transfer, and a thicker baseplate with convection grooves milled into the surface, the Tempus is the most efficiently cooled product in our range.

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CD & Vinyl Ripping
Versatile Streaming Capability
Powerful Amplification
Android & iOS Control App
Large Memory & USB Backup System
High Resolution Playback

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Amplifier Connections 1 x MM/MC phono input, 3 x Line analogue input, 1 x Coax digital input, 3 x Optical digital inputs, 1 x Analogue pre-amp output, 2 x Optical digital output, 2 x Speaker output, via 4mm pin (Banana Plug) connectors. (Class A Amplifier operation.)
Video Formats Supported Video formats: H263, H264 (BP/MP/HP), MPEG-4 SP/ASP, MPEG2, VP8, MJPEG, Xvid. Video playback up to HD 1080p, 30fps.
File formats supported Audio formats: AAC LC/PLUS, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, VORBIS, PCM/WAVE, AIFF. Audio playback/record at 24 bits, up to 192kHz.
Power Source 220V – 240V 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Consumption <220W
Dimension 370 x 301 x 130 (W x D x H) mm
Weight 18.5Kg
Optical Inputs TOSLINK x2, up to 192kHz sample rate TOSLINK x1, up to 96kHz sample rate
SPDIF Input Transformer Isolated x1, up to 192k SR
Optical Outputs TOSLINK x2, up to 192kHz sample rate