media server storage

Convert products have amazing potential for storing and securing digital media, offering a range of storage from 1TB-2TB in HDD or SSD. You can easily import your existing digital collection on the inbuilt hard-drive, and even record your vinyl and CD collections for security and playback.

Backup Made Easy

All Convert systems support our incremental backup protocol. With a few simple touches from your mobile device, you can backup and (if required) restore your system to the desired backup point using our automated restore tools, and an external backup drive.

Incremental Backup Protocol

An incremental backup only records the differences between the current media collection and the media collection uploaded at the last backup, or the initial media scan. The protocol was designed to work this way because it is quicker, and less hardware intensive – meaning less wear and tear on your disk drives.

Recommended Backup Drive

Convert recommend using a LaCie Porsche Design 4TB External Hard Drive for your memory backup,  and we have programmed our system to work with this drive. We have also selected this drive to work with our system because of its robust performance and design.

Alternative drives can and do work with our system. We recommend that you download and read Section 17 of the Complete Guide to Plato. This will tell you everything you need to know about the Convert ‘Plato’ app and backup functionality.

Convert back up drive

How to Backup with Convert