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Immerse yourself in a world of undiscovered sound with Tempus, the pinnacle of all-in-one luxury design and sublime performance. Let Tempus unite your entire collection of music, videos and photographs to bring unparalleled freedom and harmony. Tempus gives you the power to take back control of your entire home through a single, sophisticated UPnP app, so you can experience your media when, where and how you want it. Time with Tempus, is time well spent. 





Tempus is carefully engineered for ultimate audio performance – mastered for high-fidelity and fine-tuned to deliver exceptional sound in partnership with the finest loudspeaker technology.  With support for 24bit/192kHz high-resolution audio, you can experience the incredible sounds and emotions of live music from the comfort of your home. 


Tempus is designed for flawless integration with existing home technology. With unrivalled UPnP compatibility, you can seamlessly stream music, videos and photographs to any compatible device on your home network, including speakers, TVs, tablets and phones. Through use of a single app, Tempus will effortlessly manage multiple, simultaneous streams – so you could play a different song or movie in every room of your house, whilst also enjoying your media on a smart TV or tablet.

Tempus is fully integrated with Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz, so you can access millions of high-resolution songs and music videos at the touch of a button.

Integrated TIDAL Services
Integrated Spotify Services
Integrated Qobuz Services
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record vinyl

CD Ripping and Vinyl Recording

Tempus incorporates the world’s leading automated vinyl recording technology, so you can breathe life into your treasured vinyl collection, and listen at anytime. With the touch of a button, Tempus will record your vinyl whilst simultaneously retrieving the album’s metadata through the integrated Gracenote look-up service, before storing it in FLAC on the built-in hard drive. You can do the same with your CDs – then sit back, relax, and let nostalgia take over.


Have your media at your fingertips and manage every song, artist or album the way you want them. See the art of every sound with album artwork, or read about the history of music through Tempus’ integrated streaming platforms. If you’re singing along to your favourite tracks, you won’t miss a word with Tempus’ integrated lyrics feature.

Create playlists for every occasion, or add songs to your live queue. Tempus will even select music to suit your mood with its integrated mood grid. With Tempus, music is ready for your every moment.

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Made in Britain


Made in Britain


Designed as the home for your entire media library, Tempus is equipped with your choice of a 1TB – 2TB Hard Drive or Solid State Drive – enough to securely store and access a lifetime of treasured songs, videos and photographs. We understand the importance of protecting your memories, so Tempus is built with incremental back-up and restore functionality, for extra peace of mind.


Designed and manufactured entirely in Britain, Tempus is finely crafted from the materials found within luxury Bentley motors. With a choice of carbon fibre or real wood finishes to complement its brushed aluminium frame, Tempus sits proudly as the centerpiece of any home entertainment system. For an entirely custom-made system, Convert can manufacture the highest-quality finish from a choice of bespoke designs. Tempus is constructed from the finest components, weighing in total an impressive 18.9kg.

integrated amplifier


Tempus is equipped with patent-pending adaptive biasing technology to achieve incredible power efficiency and delivery. Its amplifier transistors are ‘characterised’ to fine-tune and improve the accuracy of the dynamic bias within the amplifier, working in harmony with the adaptive bias software to achieve ultimate efficiency in Class-A operation.

The signal path in the Tempus power amplifier is DC coupled to remove coupling capacitor distortions. The amplification system contains the finest component materials to maintain the ‘precise’ output desired, particularly when working with the enhanced power supply module developed specifically for Tempus.


Tempus incorporates a custom-designed power supply module, including dual voltage 250VA transformer and an auto-ranging power supply operating from 115V to 230V, allowing for seamless global operation. Separate digital and analogue power supplies are provided by the PSU to ensure the removal of digital noise from the analogue supply, and both an electrostatic screen filter and transformer GOSS band ensure the removal of unwanted noise before entry into Tempus’ electrical system. The Dual-mono design of the power supply and amplification, in which separate rectifiers and smoothing capacitor banks are deployed in parallel for each channel within Tempus, reduces system impedance and improves current delivery from the power supply.

Tempus has a dual-mode power system including both a linear power supply and a switched mode supply. When Tempus is playing or recording audio, the supply operates in linear mode with the switch mode disabled and  removed completely from the circuit. When in a low power state without amplifier use, the system enters the ‘switched’ power mode, meaning Tempus can operate in a low-power efficient mode as a file server and streaming system.


Tempus generates a lot of power, resulting in the natural production of heat. To ensure the continuation of flawless performance, Tempus is equipped with a unique custom heatsink extrusion to provide a greater cooling surface, and larger heatpipes to ensure efficient thermal transfer. Combined with a thick baseplate lined with convection grooves milled into the surface, Tempus’ cooling systems are extremely effective.


Tempus includes a top-of-the-range pre-amplifier and audio DSP. Featuring a new 64-bit digital audio engine, the pre-amp has access to four 1GHz DSP cores, to pack a digital punch. The signal path from the DAC to speaker output connectors is DC coupled, removing minute amounts of distortion from coupling capacitors. The pre-amp comprises the finest components designed to further increase the signal to noise ratio and the dynamic range of the ESS Sabre DAC, providing Tempus with delicate sound.