convert nucleus

 Serve Your Media 

Nucleus is a purely digital streamer and server, designed as the beating heart of your home. You can have all your music, videos and photos in one place, and stream them to any of your smart home devices – all without leaving the Convert control app. Unleashing your world of music has never been simpler

convert nucleus streamer

 Stream to Any UPnP Device

Wireless Speakers
Wireless Speakers
Smart TVs
Smart TVs
Phones & Tablets
Phones & Tablets

Nucleus effortlessly manages multiple, simultaneous streams – meaning that you could play a different song in every room of your house, whilst also watching a movie on a smart TV or tablet

Take Complete Control 

With the Convert ‘Plato’ UPnP app for Android and iOS, you can listen to your favourite tracks anytime, anywhere, and at the touch of a button. Using the same app’s comprehensive editing tools, you can have your entire music collection at your fingertips, just the way you want it – and there’s not a computer in sight 

Kindle fire remote
UPnP App Control

Included with Nucleus is a wireless remote air mouse with keyboard, and as an introductory offer, a 7″ Android Kindle Fire 

 All Your Media In One Place

Effortlessly import all your media onto Nucleus’ 1TB hard drive via its designated USB ports. Nucleus is even equipped with an automated back-up and restore feature, for extra peace of mind

Store and backup

Streaming Services

Access millions of songs, artists, albums and music videos through Convert’s integrated streaming platforms. Enjoy high-res sound on TIDAL, Spotify and Qobuz, all without leaving the Convert app

music streaming services


Choose from over 70,000 radio stations worldwide. Want to find a station that’s playing a particular song or artist at that very moment? Simply use the internet radio search function, and Nucleus will do the rest

Listen to over 70,000 global radio stations
high resolution audio player

Get unbeatable sonic performance with 24bit/192kHz high-resolution audio, and listen to your music the way the artists intended 

We understand that not all files or streams will support high-resolution, so Nucleus is built to handle almost any digital format. With unrivalled UPnP compatibility, Nucleus will work harmoniously with almost any device or system on the market, including Sonos

 In-App Features

Mood Grid

Music for every moment with the integrated mood grid feature. Let your Nucleus generate a playlist to suit your mood


Sing along to your favourite tracks with Nucleus’ built-in lyrics feature provided through Musicmatch integration


Build playlists for every occasion or add tracks to a live queue.  Loving your latest queue? You can even save this playlist, too

upnp app playlists


Nucleus displays artist and album artwork, and will locate missing metadata. If you don’t like the artwork, you can even change it

upnp app features

Nucleus’ software is updated regularly and wirelessly, so you’ll never be without the latest developments or technology

Vinyl Recording & CD Ripping

Nucleus is equipped with a unique, patent-pending automated vinyl-recording solution, so you can enjoy your treasured collection at anytime, and in its original quality

Simply play your vinyl through the USB input and press ‘record’ – Nucleus will automatically retrieve the album’s metadata via the integrated Gracenote look-up service, before storing it in FLAC on the built-in hard drive. You can do the same with your CDs. Just attach a DVD writer to Nucleus’ USB port, then sit back, relax and enjoy

Vinyl and CD Recording
record vinyl

Convert recommends the LG DVD Writer for CD ripping