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Frequently Asked questions

Do I have to pack and post out my own records and CDs to you?

Absolutely not. We will call you first, to arrange a mutually agreeable date/time for when a member of our team can come to your home to help pack your record collection into our secure flight cases. Before leaving your home, we will agree with you the number of albums/45s that you want digitising. When we return your media, your USB will include all of your digitised media, as well as a Excel spreadsheet and print-out of exactly what’s been recorded/digitised. Any records that were deemed unfit to record (badly damaged or severely scratched), will be credited to any subsequent order.

How exactly would you clean and restore my vinyl records?

We use the Pro-Ject VCS units, which are extremely capable wet cleaning machines for vinyl records. The Pro-Ject VCS is a radical new development that removes dirt and dust from your valuable records. It is super powerful and cleans a record in 1 or maximum 2 rotations. It turns the record superfast within 2 seconds per rotation, which is about 3 times faster than usual cleaning machines do. The result is a much faster cleaning of records as well as much cleaner and 100% dry records with NO residual humidity!

Do you supply additional digital formats and is this an extra cost?

Yes, as part of the standard Red Dot Recording service you have a choice of any two digital formats at no extra cost, from the following:


How do you record from vinyl?

We have designed and built a multi award-winning home entertainment system called Plato. Plato also has a built in phono stage that supports moving coil and moving magnet cartridges and a wide range of phono settings. So, combined with a really decent Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable and Ortofon stylus, we are able to capture the essence of the original vinyl sound and produce faithful representations and digital versions of your media, without loss of sound quality.

Further information on our product range can be found on this site.

Will you pack and post my record collection back to me afterwards?

No need for that! We offer a door-to-door service, so one of our team will drop off your media in our secure flight cases, which will be locked using a combination lock. The code number to unlock your cases will be messaged to your mobile phone and/or email address prior to us arriving. You can then count the returned albums/45s/CDs, agree the number and sign the delivery receipt.

Is there a minimum order number for vinyl recording?

Yes, the minimum order is for 25 albums. You will find a price list on this site but needless to say, the more albums you have recorded, the more cost effective it becomes.

What happens if my digital media won't fit on a USB memory stick?

32Gb and 128Gb memory sticks are provided at cost by Red Dot Recording. Should you wish to record a substantial record collection, then we could source one or more portable USB drives on a ‘price on application’ basis.

Is Red Dot Recording a nationwide service?

Not at the moment. We are initially launching this service in Derby, Sheffield and Nottingham but hope to spread the love far and wide, once we’ve established a good, solid and reliable service locally.

What do you use to rip CDs?

We use a custom built, high quality and fully automated conversion system. All tracks include ID3 tagging of Album, Artist, Track Title, and other meta data, so you can search your media and build custom playlists very easily.

Which database do you use to tag the media?

We use multiple databases for this purpose, so we can guarantee consistent and accurate tagging of your music library, including artwork from numerous, licensed data providers.