automatic cd ripper

All-inclusive CD Ripping Service

With our all-encompassing service, we help you pack your collection, we then pick it up, clean it, record it, digitise it, and then deliver it back to you at home for you to enjoy. The newly created digital files are available in multiple formats as standard. This service is being rolled out regionally around Derby, with a view to being available nationally soon.

CD ripping prices

We have a minimum order of 50 albums on CD.

All CDs are converted to master WAV files first. You can then choose any additional format from a choice of FLAC or MP3 at no extra cost.

50-100 CDs: £1 per CD (+VAT)
101-250 CDs:

 £0.90 per CD (+VAT)

Over 250 CDs: £0.85 per CD (+VAT)

Over 500 CDs: £0.80 per CD (+VAT)

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