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Whilst you’re vinyl recording your collection, you can rip CDs at the same time. Cut from the same cloth as the award-winning Plato range, the CD Ripper app is the easiest way to rip and compile your physical music collection.


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Pop the CD in the driver, and let the app take care of everything else. After a few seconds, our integrated MusicBrainz look-up service will identify the song from an online database. The artist name, song title, album title, album artwork and genre tags will then be added to the song’s file by the CD ripper app.

You can choose which format you’d like your CDs converted to by our automatic CD ripper: AAC, WAV or FLAC. If you’re not sure which is best for you, you can check out our guide.

Once CD Ripper has finished converting your music, you’ll be able to listen back to it. The songs will be available in your phone’s music library, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

You can listen to the portable version of your CD collection whilst out running, at work, or walking the dog – much easier to use the CD ripper than carting a CD Walkman around with you.

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CD Ripper is free to download from the Google Play store. Below, you can read about what you’ll need to connect your driver to your phone. To test the quality of the recording’s sound, you’ll get the first 30 seconds of each song for free.

Then, pay for your songs via the CD Ripper’s in-app credits, from less than 2p per song. It’s cheaper than buying a second copy of your music in a digital format.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to directly attach your phone to the CD ripping device, so you’re going to need some equipment. Plus, of course, you need your phone or tablet.

Firstly, you need the DVD-RW Driver – here’s the one we recommend.

You’ll need a USB hub, connected to a power outlet, to power the driver – you can buy that here.

Finally, you need the adapter cable – this is our suggestion.

The diagram explains how everything fits together.

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Get it on Google Play

1. Do I need to open the CD Ripper app before connecting the USB cable to my phone?
No, It doesn’t matter in which order you do this. As soon as the CD Ripper app recognises that you have the recommended portable LG DVD writer physically connected to your phone or tablet, you will be prompted and asked if you are happy to connect to the app and continue.

2. What do I do next, once I’ve connected my LG DVD writer to my Android device?
You will be prompted to read through and accept the standard End User License Agreement (EULA), before the CD Ripper app is available for use. Scroll to the bottom of this screen and tick the box if you’re happy to proceed.

3. How do I initiate the ripping of a CD?
Follow the steps in 1 & 2 above, then insert a CD into the recommended portable DVD writer and close the CD drawer. After a few seconds, the CD Ripper app will automatically detect the album artwork, artist name, album title and full track listing. Your CD is now ready for ripping.

4. What formats can I rip to and how do I change this?
Select the ‘More Info’ icon (three vertical dots) top right of the app screen. Then select ‘Settings’. You can choose to rip CD to AAC, rip CD to WAV or Rip CD to FLAC. This will now be the new default.

5. Can I test the CD Ripper app first before I pay for anything?
Yes, of course. After completing Steps 1 to 4, select the down-arrow (Rip CD option) top right of your screen. A pop-up message appears, informing you that you don’t currently have sufficient credit, so only 30 seconds of each track will be ripped. Also, deselecting the tick box above the track durations, will allow you to select individual tracks for ripping, which would be quicker for testing purposes.

6. Once I’ve ripped my CDs, where does the CD Ripper app put the music files?
Your newly ripped media can be located in your device’s native music player.

7. What happens if I don’t have any credit left?
The CD Ripper app itself is a free download, which allows you to test the end to end ripping process and also listen to the quality of the audio output of a 30 second sample, even without credit. If you’re happy with how it all works, you can then opt to exchange credits for tracks by purchasing ‘track packs’. These can be accessed via the ‘more info’ icon (top right of screen). Select ‘Add Credit’ and choose from the list of purchase options available. Remember, you can rip individual tracks from multiple CDs if you wish, using the more info icon (three vertical dots) adjacent to each track title. They don’t all have to belong on the same CD. Choose a pack to reflect the size of your CD collection and your budget.

8. Sometimes the CD Ripper app doesn’t recognise my CDs. Will I still be charged for these and will my credits deducted?
Yes, you will be charged for any tracks or albums that aren’t recognised by the app (via a Musicbrainz look up) and your credits will be deducted. The reason being, you will still be presented with  the track list and durations for each track. Tracks will be titled “Track 1”, “Track 2”, “Track 3” etc and will play out like any other recognised album. Remember to also check the ‘alternatives’ in ‘more options’, as there may be more than one version of the CD available to rip. You will be missing the artwork and actual track titles but you will still be able to play the ripped files. The unrecognised/unknown albums will be automatically renamed as “Unknown 1 DEMO”, “Unknown 2 DEMO”, etc in your device’s media player library, under a generic album thumbnail image.

9. Can I manually edit any ‘unrecognised’ albums or ‘missing’ tracks that MusicBrainz doesn’t find?
I’m afraid not. There are no editing tools within the CD Ripper app. However, if you happen to own a product from our Plato range, these come with the CD Ripper app pre-installed and its own powerful media library, complete with track/album editing tools.

10. In terms of copyright law, is it legal to rip my CD collection using the CD Ripper app?
In order to comply with copyright laws, you must retain ownership of the original recorded material (your CD), whilst in possession of the “format shifted” rips held on your device. The files that are produce for you within the app, are solely for your own personal, private and non-commercial use.