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Licensing Opportunities

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Convert Technologies have built a vast portfolio of pioneering technologies; both Hardware and Software. These can be licensed under different scenarios to other manufacturers and partners.

Low-Cost Streaming

Class A Technology

Analogue Recording

Android CD Ripper

Working with us

  • Professional, bespoke services time to cover the “set-up” of the service – this may include advice on training, “How to” and marketing videos. 
  • Licensing a complete product that has been designed and built by Convert Technologies.
  • Annual support cost (software based) – based upon the professional service set up costs. To include software support, bug fixing and time to discuss further development plans.

Another way for a potential partner to get access to Convert’s IP and skill base is to pay on a retainer for days, a month/year of professional services time. This is a more open-ended arrangement and one where there would be stronger collaboration with the partner’s technical team.



Low-Cost Streaming

UPnP Control App

Are you a manufacturer of low-cost streaming devices and media servers? Does your device provide media library information and stream media-data, such as audio, video & pictures, to UPnP clients on the network? Then you’ll need a highly intuitive app to control it all!

Convert’s feature-rich app can be licensed and branded as your own, as a fully UPnP-compliant control app. Voted best in class for streaming compatibility by Hi Fi World 2016

Features Include:

  • Streams to UPnP enabled devices such as HEOS, Mu-so and B&O devices and includes on-the-fly format conversion (including down-sampling) where necessary.
  • Patented analogue recording feature, which is unique in the industry.
  • Intuitive operation as reported by independent reviewers (see Reviews page for details).
  • Combined audio/video support, can simultaneously stream audio and video to different devices.
  • Fully integrated access to browse/playback streaming services including Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify and very soon, YouTube.
  • Able to store and serve audio, video, or photos, providing a single access point for all media in the home.
  • Integrate with 3rd party apps to provide lyrics.
  • Mood grid selection of tracks.
  • Integrated backup and restore solution to external storage.
  • Android and iOS versions available.


Class A Continuous Bias Technology

Are you a manufacturer of headphones, active speakers, or amplifiers? If so, you may be interested in how Convert has been able to develop and integrate Class A designs into power and space constrained products, without generating excess heat and wasting power.

Most industry experts agree that Class-A output transistor biasing provides the most accurate audio amplification available. However, this technique is severely limited in its application due to its high inefficiency and associated implementation problems.

Convert Technologies have therefore developed a new patent-pending technique which uses digital sampling to implement feed-forward bias correction in real time. This ensures the transistor bias is scaled sufficiently to fit in the audio signal, but no more, which would waste power and generate excess heat.

The net reduction in heat output means it is possible to gain the benefit of Class-A topology, not just in amplifiers, but in much smaller form factor designs, such as headphones and active speakers. Our implementation has earned excellent reviews from the HiFi press, proving that our technique has not sacrificed sound quality. 

If you’re a company who are bringing new technology ideas to the marketplace, or seeking improvements in your current product portfolio and would like to discuss or collaborate with us, please get in touch.

class a technology
Vinyl Recording App


Analogue Recording

The industry’s most full-featured and automated analogue recording software, eliminating the reliance on user intervention to separate and manually tag each track.

Since first release, the recording software has undergone continuous development and field testing, receiving critical acclaim from users and reviewers. Read more here

  • Real-time digitisation of vinyl and analogue sources
  • A unique online lookup service combined with patent-pending software
  • Automatic creation of fully-tagged files with artist, album and track information
  • No requirement for manual tagging


Android CD Ripper

Convert’s standalone, automatic CD ripper app for seamless recording with minimal user effort. Rigorously developed, tested and retested by users and reviewers.

  • Realtime audio playback
  • Fully automated high-speed track ripping
  • Metadata collection for file tagging
  • Fully integrated operation with Convert’s ‘Plato’ UPnP app
CD Ripper App