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upnp app

UPnP App

automatic cd ripper

Android CD Ripper

class a amplifier


UPnP App

UPnP App

  • Full UPnP app compliance, with best-in-class streaming compatibility
  • Intuitive operation and navigation
  • Streaming to Sonos and Bang & Olufsen devices
  • Real-time format conversion, including down-sampling
  • Android and iOS versions of control surface
  • Unique, analogue recording functionality
  • Integrated backup and restore solution to external storage
  • Audio and video support, with simultaneous, multiple streaming
  • Integrated streaming services: TIDAL, Spotify, Qobuz, YouTube
  • Serves and stores audio, videos and photos
  • Lyrics through 3rd party app integration
  • Mood Grid track selection feature
  • API for CI integration under development

Analogue Recording

The industry’s most full-featured and automated analogue recording software, eliminating the reliance on user intervention to separate and manually tag each track.

Since first release, the recording software has undergone continuous development and field testing, receiving critical acclaim from users and reviewers.

  • Real-time digitisation of vinyl and analogue sources
  • A unique online lookup service combined with patent-pending software
  • Automatic creation of fully-tagged files with artist, album and track information
  • No requirement for manual tagging

Android CD Ripper

Convert’s standalone, automatic CD ripper app for seamless recording with minimal user effort. Rigorously developed, tested and retested by users and reviewers.

  • Realtime audio playback
  • Fully automated high-speed track ripping
  • Metadata collection for file tagging
  • Fully integrated operation with Convert’s ‘Plato’ UPnP app

Class A Continuous Bias Technology

Successful implementation of class A transistor biasing into compact design, through entirely re-designed efficient technology. With patent-pending technology which uses digital sampling to implement feed-forward bias correction in real time, Convert class A design has received critical acclaim from the hifi press. The redesigned technology ensures that the transistor bias is scaled sufficiently to fit in the audio signal, but no more, preventing power wastage and the generation of excess heat. The net reduction in heat output means it is possible to incorporate class A topology into much smaller designs.

class a software