An easy to use audio & video home entertainment system, made in the UK.

Automated Vinyl & CD Ripping:

Press one red button on your control app, and you can record your vinyl collection with zero effort. Connect the external CD ripper drive, and you can rip and store your entire CD collection within Plato to listen to at a moment’s notice.

‘High-Res’ audio & video output:

Plato is designed to work with all of the normal audio and video formats. This includes ‘lossless’ FLAC high resolution audio files, and 1080p high resolution video. Crystal clear playback is the reality with Plato.

Versatile streaming capability:

Capable of streaming multiple files simultaneously, to multiple UPnP compliant devices including tablets and smartphones, Sonos, Smart TVs and other networked receiver systems. If your device is in range of your WiFi, Plato delivers.

Android / iOS control app:

Control your Plato home entertainment system experience quickly and easily using our control app. Available on both Android and iOS mobile device operating systems, download it for free and dive in to connected entertainment.

Large memory & backup system:

Plato comes out of the box with a simple and well designed backup system to make sure your media content is safe and sound. Combined with the large internal hard drive, and NAS capability, your library can be huge.

Strong Class A/B amplification:

With both Class A amplifier and Class B amplifier options available, you can enjoy a disciplined and efficient hifi sound from Plato. Featuring our patent-pending biasing technology, rave reviews are plentiful.